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Client name:
Mayse & Associates

Geisler Pender Personnel Provided Services:
Forensic Engineering
Repair & Strengthening
Structural Engineering

Due to the rising attraction to Fort Worth’s Convention Center, there is a greater demand to accommodate hotel guests in Fort Worth’s city center. The Marriott Fairfield Inn & Suites located across from the Fort Worth Convention Center opened in the fall of 2017 after undergoing strengthening engineering services by RLG Consulting Engineers. The 114-room hotel is the result of a massive renovation of the former Park Central Hotel located at 1010 Houston Street in Fort Worth.

The restoration consisted of converting the former motel into a hotel, which included the creation of a new inner corridor in the building through existing load-bearing concrete/CMU walls. To achieve this, RLG’s team of structural engineers, including Kristina F. Geisler-Nordholm, cut new openings in the load-bearing walls and transferred the load with a new post-installed steel frame at level 2. The new steel beams were supported by new steel columns that were post installed into the existing concrete columns.

Key features of the restoration include the addition of a new staircase, design of a new feature rooftop element and transformation of an existing stair shaft into an elevator shaft.
Challenging aspects of the design include the post-installed connections coupled with a very shallow water table.  Post-installed connections always have the potential need for modification due to field conditions that are different than expected. There were many challenges in modifying connections that did not work with the unforeseen field conditions. However, the primary benefit of the design approach is that RLG’s team of structural engineers were able to realize the client’s vision utilizing as much of the existing building as possible.  In order to prevent mass demolition and additional new materials, much of the existing structure was utilized for restoration.