Collins Family Bridge Of Hope & T. Boone Pickens Cancer Hospital Renovations



Project Size:
250,00 SF

Baylor Scott & White Health

Architectural firm:
Perkins & Will

MEDCO Construction

Geisler Pender Personnel
Provided Services:

Structural Engineering
Strengthening & Repair

Building the new Charles F. Sammons Cancer Center  on  the  Baylor  University  Medical  Center campus in Dallas, TX, would require a connector to the newly renovated Baylor Cancer Hospital.  The  architect  decided  to  make  the  connection  with  a  sky  bridge  linking  four  buildings,  including  the  Sammons  Cancer  Center  and  the  Cancer  Hospital.  This  bridge,  the  Collins  Family  Bridge of Hope, provides passage for both pedes­trians and major utilities.

While with RLG, Mrs. Geisler-Nordholm and the team of structural engineers provided the design for Collins Family Bridge of Hope. There was high expectations for the reinforcement project. Below were the limitations:

  • The garage must remain in continuous use;

  • Construction  must  have  a  minimal  impact  on daily operations;

  • Reinforcement must not cause a permanent loss of parking spaces;

  • Reinforcement must not cause a loss of head­room; and

  • Reinforcing must be done in a way that mini­mizes  rerouting  mechanical,  electrical,  and  plumbing (MEP) systems.

Even with these limitations the team was  innovative and collaborative. Innovative ideas were allowed to  surface  and  mature.  Out  of  this  setting,  the  innovative idea to combine three unique solutions developed.  Each  leg  of  the  solution  was  pushed  beyond the limits of traditional reinforcement proj­ects and rationally addressed to create a synergistic and  innovative  solution.  This  resulted  in  a  very  clean look to the garage. At a cost of $1.8 million, the owner was very pleased with the process and their new Bridge of Hope.