Allen Stadium Repairs

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Allen ISD

Geisler Pender Personnel Provided Service:
Repair & Strengthening

The Allen Eagle Stadium opened in 2012, however in early 2014 the stadium was closed due “extensive cracking” and the need to investigate the structure further.  A forensics team investigated the design and construction of the building and found “significant structural defects” that required many different types of repairs.  Kristina F. Geisler-Nordholm, while with RLG, was part of the team brought in to provide engineering design and inspection services for one portion of the repairs, FRP reinforcement.  

The FRP repair requirements were identified by the forensics investigation team following significant field investigation to identify locations that were not code-compliant.  Repairs included the addition of FRP stirrups and near surface mount bars for continuity steel.  The FRP repairs commenced in January 2015.  Allen ISD had the stated goal of holding graduation for the 2015 graduating class in the stadium in June.  

Throughout the installation process, RLG was on-site with multiple personnel to provide special inspection services.  The inspections include location verification, surface preparation review, FRP installation visual review, sounding of cured FRP, pull-off tests to verify bond strength, coordination of laboratory coupon testing to verify composite strength, and fireproofing thickness inspection.  The inspections required over 1000 hours on-site.  
The FRP installation and inspections were completed despite challenging working conditions that included working around many other trades and areas that were difficult to access.  
The repairs allowed for the ceremony of Allen ISD graduating class of 2015 in June and the stadium was fully open for the fall football season of 2015.