Highland Park High School - Parking Garage

HPHS Parking Garage adjusted.jpg



Geisler Pender Personnel Provided Service:
Structural Repair

Highland Park High School enlisted the help of RLG Consulting Engineers to provide structural repair services for an existing parking garage.

Kristina F. Geisler-Nordholm, while with RLG, was part of the structural team that worked to identify types of repairs that needed to be completed throughout the garage and identify the locations where each repair was required.    

The timeline of the project was a challenge because the investigation/documentation had to occur while the garage was operational. During the school year, there are very few days when the garage is not fully occupied.  Additionally, peak coming/going times had to be avoided for safety reasons.

The construction could only occur during the summer, which by definition was limited to a construction period of 8 weeks during the summer.  The design challenge with an 8-week construction schedule meant that the documents had to be tightly controlled to help with bidding, it also ensured that the construction process could proceed as quickly as necessary to hit the open dates.  

RLG worked closely with Southwest Construction Services through the construction process to minimize delays and complete the project in the time allotted.