Richardson High School



Richardson High School

Architectural firm:

Cadence McShane

Geisler Pender Personnel Provided Service:
Structural Strengthening

Richardson High School enlisted the help of RLG Consulting Engineers, including Kristina F. Geisler-Nordholm, to provide Structural Strengthening services for the existing building.

During construction 2 existing columns were uncovered that were located in a critical hallway.  Prior to RLG’s involvement, the client and architect determined that having the columns remain was not a viable options and removal/relocation was the necessary path forward.   The construction was nearing completion when the decision was made that the columns had to be removed, so the timeline was tight.  The columns were 1-story columns that could be relocated to outside of the new corridor, but in order to complete the relocation strengthening of the new column locations needed to occur.

The scope of our work, as the specialty engineer, was to find a way to remove the 2 columns  and design any associated strengthening.  Strengthening included section enlargement and FRP and some strengthening had to occur within the crawl space as well.  

The design approach was truncated due to the time constraints.  RLG did a preliminary study to provide options for how the removal/relocation could be achieved, provided advice on the pros and cons of each option, and then moved forward as directed within a very tight timeline.  Design and construction were complete within 4 weeks following the contract execution.