Baylor Grapevine - New Patient Tower 

Structural Engineering

Effective structural design of buildings needs to be mindful of the overall goal of the project. It is important to understand the vision of the Owner and Architect to results in positive user experience of the facility. Geisler Pender Consulting Engineers + RLG approach structural engineering design with the understanding there is a balance between the vision for the building and the efficiency of the structure. We work to understand each area of the project to know where the vision is critical to defining the end-product as a success or when structural efficiency is more valuable. With all of this in mind, we design new buildings, additions, renovations, and site structures. 


SMU Bridwell 

Civil Engineering

Site design is seen as the design of grading, drainage, paving, and utility routing.  Geisler Pender Consulting Engineers + RLG also understand the importance of listening to the client to understand their needs and working with the City to get plans approved as efficiently as possible. We work to ensure that the required accessible routes throughout the site are located in a way that makes sense to the client and end user.  GP+RLG also verify that the drainage of the site is wisely designed and does not negatively impact the experience of the end user.

Old Dallas High School_Front w-DART Rail

Old Dallas High School 

Strengthening & Repair

Throughout the life cycle of a building the user groups and intended use can change dramatically.  Geisler Pender Consulting Engineers + RLG understand the need for modifications to existing buildings to improve current functionality. We have been part of floor strengthening for new data centers, strengthening associated with the relocation of columns to make spaces more usable, parking garage repairs where damage was caused by weathering, and everything in between. At Geisler Pender Consulting Engineers + RLG we have expertise in a variety of repair and strengthening methods.  With that in mind we always work to find the best solution for the Owner to ensure that both performance and cost can be considered.



RLG Consulting Engineers

RLG is a multi-disciplinary firm specializing in Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering, Surveying, and Forensics.  We bring complex projects to life through innovative, client-focused solutions.  With personalized support and quality design, we are your partners in problem-solving.  RLG provides local and national services with offices in Dallas, Fort Worth, and Peoria, IL. 

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